The report of the North-Atlantic Civil-Society Working-Group on Environment and Security (NCWES)

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03 Jun

In response to the opportunity for civil society organisations to contribute input in the NATO 2030 process, the Environment & Development Resource Centre (EDRC) invited the non-governmental organisations participating in the BDCD and other NGOs, think tanks and individual experts to form the informal North-Atlantic Civil-Society Working-Group on Environment and Security (NCWES) to exchange ideas and produce the report entitled:

Sustainable Peace & Security in a Changing Climate: Recommendations for NATO 2030

The group consists of over 50 representatives of 25 organisations plus 20 others serving in their personal capacities who are all experts on a wide range of climate, development, environment, and security issues.

The report prepared by 30 writers contains 116 policy options and practical recommendations to be considered in the NATO 2030 process which can can help strengthen NATO in a time of new environmental-related challenges in the interest of promoting sustainable peace and security for all.



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