Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainablility (FOGGS)

The FOGGS was found in 2013 as a think-and-do tank as a centre for research and idea generation, discussion forum, and advocacy mechanism. Its mission is to develop and promote Grand Narrative of hope, for a people-centred, planet-friendly, inclusive and sustainable globalization in a digital world. The goal is to address major global challenges through a revamped global governance system and engaged, responsible and informed global citizens. In addition, the FOGGS wants to ensure that the rapid and transformative technological and digital advances contribute to a more just and equitable world, with a better life for all people.

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Climate Action 

In the context of the Grand Narrative, the FOGGS in working on the need for a new modified economic system which takes globalization into account and mitigates economic inequalities, poverty, climate impacts and environmental degradation.