International Organisation for Migration (IOM - UN Migration) - Regional Office Brussels

The IOM Regional Office in Brussels focuses on the well-being of migrants and societies through a rights-based approach to the governance of human mobility, to, from and within the region (EEA, EU, NATO), in a coherent, holistic, and balanced way. 

The Regional Office aims to coordinate within the region and with worldwide IOM Offices on EU-related policy, programmes, legislation and cooperation, and resource management aiming to facilitate orderly, safe, regular, and responsible migration and mobility of people through planned and well-managed migration policies.

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Climate Action 

The IOM aims at providing operational, research, policy, and advocacy efforts to bring environmental migration to the agenda of international, regional, and national concerns in collaboration with its Member States, observers and partners. 

Therefore, the Migration, Environment, and Climate Change (MECC) Division was founded as an institutional body to oversee, support, and coordinate the development of policy guidance for activities with a migration, environment, and climate change dimension. The objective is to prevent environmentally forced migration, provide assistance when occured, and facilitate adaptation and enhance resilience of affected communities. This is done in form of projects, publications, policies, and through various social media platforms.

Featured Publications 

The Atlas of Environmental Migration, 19 October 2016