NATO Parliamentary Assembly

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly is a specialized forum for members of parliament from ANTO to discuss and influence decisions on Alliance security. It aims to facilitate parliamentary awareness and understanding of the key issues which affect the security of the Euro-Atlantic area and supports national parliamentary oversight over defence and security, and thus strengthens the transatlantic relations. While institutionally separate from NATO, the Assembly enables an essential link between NATO and the parliaments of NATO nations. This further allows for more transparency of NATP policies and better understanding of its objectives and missions.

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Climate Action

Various Committees of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly cover areas concerning the climate and environmental security such as the protection of civilian populations against natural and manmade disasters and related environmental issue (Civil Dimension of Security Committee), energy security and environmental consequences of economic transition (Economic and Security Committee), and International environmental challenges (Science and Technology Committee)

Featured Events 

Presentation of the EU Council Conclusions Climate Diplomacy, Brussels, 09 March 2018