The Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP)

The IEEP is a sustainability think tank which is working with shareholders across EU institutions, international bodies, academia, civil society and industry. Their team of policy professionals is composed of economists, scientists and lawyers that produce evidence-based research and policy insight. The non-for-profit organisations work spans nine research areas and covers both short-term policy issues and long-term strategic studies to advance impact-driven sustainability policy. They create policy advice and intelligence based on extensive expertise and knowledge, facilitate capacity building for organizations to develop and implement environmental policy by organizing workshops and individual capacity-building for national and international institutions, environmental NGOs and industry. International conferences and seminars. 

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Climate Action 

The IEEP's publishes and reports on topics such as agriculture and land management, climate change and energy, green economy, industrial pollution and chemical waters, marine, fisheries, and water. They further are concerned with themes of biodiversity and the ecosystem services, global challenges and the SDGs, and environmental governance. 

Featured Publications 

Reinforcing Environmental Dimensions of European Foreign and Security Policy, January 2019

Featured Events 

EU Environmental Sovereignty and Security under the Green Deal, 17 November 2020