European External Action Service (EEAS)

The European Union External Action (EEAS) is the EU’s diplomatic services helping the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy to carry out the Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CSDP). The EEAS is divided into both geographical and thematic departments. The focus shifts across regions and covers global and multilateral issues, such as response to crises and human rights. 

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Climate Action

For the EU ensuring a healthy environment and climate is crucial concerning the sustainable development in the fields of trade, security, conflict prevention, and migration. Challenges such as climate change are global in nature thus require effective commitment and cooperation at the international level. Here it is made use of policy dialogue, international negotiations, and financial instruments to advance the sustainable development and climate change agenda and promote its implementation in partner countries. Further, sustained political and diplomatic mobilization at the global level is promoted by the EU, thus enhanced by the EEAS.

Featured Events

Towards a climate-proof security and defence policy: a Roadmap for EU action,  Brussels, 11 December 2020

The Role of the Military in Addressing Climate Change and Security, Brussels, 28 June 2018

High Level Conference on Climate, Peace and Security: The Time for Action, Brussels, 22 June 2018