Towards a climate-proof security and defence policy: a Roadmap for EU action

11 December 2020 - European External Action Service (EEAS) 

Today, the virtual event “Climate change, Defence and Crisis Management: from Reflection to Action” discussed the implications of climate change on EU crisis management and defence to provide solutions and foster cooperation. The event, which was co-organised by the EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) and the European External Action Service (EEAS), brought together a wide range of actors, including EU institutions and bodies, representatives from EU Member States, partner countries and international organisations, academia and industry.

In his opening statement, High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell presented the Climate Change and Defence Roadmap. He said: “As European Union, we have a strong record when it comes to protecting the planet. Now, this ambition also needs to extend to the defence sector to address the increasing links between climate change and defence, both abroad and at home.”

The Roadmap identifies concrete ways for the EU to be better prepared to the emerging security challenges posed by a changing climate. It puts forward a set of concrete actions to raise awareness on the effects of climate change on crisis response, security and defence; to develop capabilities for our armed forces, which can be used under changing circumstances; and to build strong cooperation with international partners to tackle security and defence issues derived from climate change. These actions also support the objectives of the European Green Deal.

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