Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)

The FEPS is a think tank of social democratic politicians at the EU level with the mission to develop innovative research, policy advice, training and debates to inspire as well as inform progressive politics and policies across Europe. The FEPS regards pressing challenges that Europe faces today, aiming towards connection and coherence among stakeholders. These come from politics, academia, and civil society at local, regional, national, European, and global levels. Its ambition is to promote the principles of the EU, such as freedom, equality, solidarity, democracy, respect of human rights, fundamental freedoms and human dignity, and respect of the rule of law.

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Climate Action

The FEPS has been focused on climate change and energy policies as well as climate diplomacy, food waste and a gendered-approach to climate change policy. The organization stresses the environmental, economic, and social need for tackling climate change and implementing the Paris Agreement as well as the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Featured Events 

UNited for Climate Justice - Framing Climate Change as a Political and Ethical Issue, New York, 19 - 21 September 2019

Rewriting the Rules of the European Economy, Brussels, 21 March 2019, 

EU and UN Action on Climate Diplomacy - The Year Ahead, Brussels, 23 January 2019

Featured Publications

Renewing Multilaterism for the 21st century, 15 September, 2020

Priorisising people: a progressive narrative on migration, 19 September, 2018