Now or never: will Bulgaria catch the last train to green economic recovery?

Both the green and digital transition are crucial goals of the next EU budget-and-recovery package (2021-2027). With enhanced climate conditionality, EU spending priorities will be tightly linked to EU climate policies. The endorsement of the more ambitious EU 2030 emissions reduction target of 55% necessitate a coherent coal phase out strategy to be put in place in Bulgaria as early as possible. The draft National Operational Programs and the draft National Recovery and Resilience Plan of Bulgaria fail to include a comprehensive assessment and long term approach to effectively mobilize the available EU funds. The policy brief by the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) urges the necessity to demonstrate significant emission reductions across different sectors and shift the focus from large scale infrastructural projects to resources for more decentralized sustainable energy projects, tackling energy poverty and supply diversification.

Author(s):Dr. Radostina Primova, Rusland Stefanov, and Martin Vladimirov
Publisher:Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD)
Place Published:Sofia, Bulgaria
Date 29 December 2020

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