Comments on the Report

“NATO countries spend almost a trillion (US $ 930 billion in 2018 alone) annually on defense. At such a level of investment, NATO needs to recognize the significant impact climate change is having on our collective security, from the Arctic down to Africa - all areas under their purview.  This report - put out by NCWES - is a seminal document that lays the groundwork for NATO to counter climate change.  A must read for all concerned about security and climate change worldwide!”

- Brigadier General Stephen A. Cheney, USMC (Ret), President, American Security Project, Washington, DC

“Environmental challenges, including climate change, will increasingly threaten the security of all nations.  This thoughtful analysis by NCWES provides a wide range of ideas for NATO and its member nations to improve understanding of vulnerabilities, develop strategies, and work to scale appropriate responses.  The report is essential reading for anyone who cares about NATO’s future role in protecting global peace.”

- The Hon Alice Hill, David M. Rubenstein Senior Fellow for Energy and Environment, Council on Foreign Relations, Washington, D.C.

“If it is to remain relevant and operationally effective NATO must not only acknowledge the impact of a changing climate on global security but also, through the actions of member states, work to reduce the risks posed to our prosperity and wellbeing. Such action is for today, not tomorrow, and this wide-ranging report makes crystal clear what needs to be done, by whom, and how; I strongly commend it to all in positions of leadership.”

- Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti, RN (Rtd), Vice Dean (Public Policy), Faculty of Engineering Sciences, University College London 

“Unless the world invests decisively in the future of life on Earth, NATO, its allies, and the military complex at large will become very busy fixing problems, managing crises, conflict, or worse. … Operating as a future-oriented genuine Force for Good, NATO has a unique opportunity to lead by fostering 21st Century local to global security arrangements and by reallocating a meaningful and growing portion of the defense budget to serve and protect both people and planet".

- Steven Lovink, Co-founder, Institute for Environmental Security

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