Translating the European Green Deal into long-term decarbonisation alternatives

6 November 2020 - Center for the Study of Democracy

Join the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) in the webinar "Translating the European Green Deal into long-term decarbonisation alternatives" on Friday, 6 November 2020, at 11:00 AM EEST. 

Decarbonising the energy sector is a particular challenge in Southeast Europe (SEE), where hard-coal and lignite dominate the power mix, despite the regions’ abundant and diverse renewable energy potential.

In the context of the EU long-term goal of reaching carbon neutrality, the webinar will discuss the implementation of the European Green Deal in Bulgaria and how to translate its ambitions into a long-term decarbonisation strategy. A major focus of the event will be the Just Transition process in coal-dependent regions in SEE countries, including Bulgaria, and the opportunities for economic restructuring of these regions in the process of the post-COVID-19 green recovery. Тhe event aims to foster an EU-wide exchange of best practices and a mutual dialogue on how the new Multiannual Financial framework (MFF) and the Recovery Plan for Europe could be mobilised to innovate these regions and offer better employment perspectives, while taking into account their socio-economic and demographic characteristics.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Pao-Yu Oei (Head, CoalExit Research Group, Technical University, Berlin and Research Fellow, German Economic Research Institute, Berlin)